InfoTecs (Information Technology and Communications Systems JSC) is a leading domestic developer and manufacturer of high-tech software and hardware information protection. The company was founded in 1989.

InfoTecs’s flagship development is ViPNet, a flexible VPN solution for secure data transmission on a secure network. Today ViPNet is the most scalable and reliable solution in the Russian information security market. The ViPNet brand combines a range of products and networking solutions for large, medium and small businesses and includes:



The ViPNet Network Security line combines network security components as well as intrusion monitoring and detection tools


The ViPNet PKI product range is both a standalone set of components that implements the full infrastructure of open key products and also acts as an add-on to the ViPNet Network Security

ViPNet Mobile Security

The mobile security product range provides effective and reliable solutions to protect mobile devices from external and internal network attacks

ViPNet Industrial Security

ViPNet Industrial Security product range allows you to build information protection systems for automated control systems and intermachine interaction systems following the best world practices and requirements of Russian laws


ViPNet EDI is a range of certified products for secure information exchange with the Interagency Electronic Interaction System and the Single Portal of Public Services and Functions.

Free products

The free product line is represented by ViPNet CSP, ViPNet HashCalc and other products.